NOVEMBER 28-29, 2018 // CANGGU, BALI


Scale Your Side Hustle into a Full-Time Gig


You’re caught between your day job that pays the bills (and takes up all your time) and your side gig that lights your soul on fire.

During an intensive two-day training, learn a proven framework that shows you how to scale your side hustle to support you full-time. You’ll gain clarity, learn practical systems and structures, and leave with a step-by-step plan to leveling up so you can turn your side hustle into your full-time gig.

Scale your Side Hustle is designed for professionals who have started a side gig and want to take it full-time using a proven, step-by-step method.


Scale your

Side Hustle

is designed for professionals who have started a side gig and want to take it full-time using a proven, step-by-step method.



  • Long-term vision planning, coupled with short-term goals so that you can get to work right away, yet still move forward towards your ultimate vision

  • Mastering your mindset so you can take your side hustle full-time with confidence

  • Setting up your systems and process so you can dedicate more time to scaling your business

  • Determining which tasks to pursue now and which can wait until later so that you can scale your side hustle immediately

  • Actionable steps on how to scale up your side gig so you can take it full-time

  • Clarity on what you really want from your side hustle and where you want to take it

  • Setting your days up for success. From effectively managing your time, prioritizing tasks and structuring your days so you can get your side hustle to full-time even faster

  • Business planning and development frameworks to ensure that everything is organized and in place for when you take your side gig full-time


Francis, united states

“I just enrolled into Kate’s program. Admittedly, I was rather short on money but I decided to take the plunge anyway. I have to say she does an amazing job with breaking down things into detail and making the process as easy as possible. She’s very committed to ensuring everyone’s success. Definitely give it a go!”

AMBER, United States

“Kate was an amazing mentor! She shared her vast knowledge [and] gave me so many useful tips that I would never have thought of. Kate was always very positive and motivating. The coaching I received from her was invaluable.”

Nathalie, Belgium

"It's not just high school textbook material. I received the tools and the mindset in order to achieve my goals."



Kate is founder of the educational travel program, WiFly Nomads, and the blog The Remote Nomad. She’s been featured in major publications such as BBC, Fast Company, CNN Travel and many more for her expertise on the digital nomad lifestyle.

She graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Commerce, then started her career working as a project manager at one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, working with major clients such as Clorox, Greenworks, and Clean and Clear. The confines of a cubicle weren’t for her so she booked a one-way ticket to Prague to start working remotely while traveling the world as an online marketing consultant.

While working her day job, she built up her personal brand, The Remote Nomad, and company, WiFly Nomads, on the side. She then scaled her brands to a point where she could leave her remote day job and make her side hustle her full-time gig.




Scale Your Side Hustle is $249 USD : Book before Nov. 24 for $50 off!